Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Trick to Choosing the Best Lotion for Stretch Marks

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Not every lotion for stretch marks work well. The trick to choosing the best one is checking its ingredients. This is what makes a formula. Jars are only packaging material. They are meant to allure; and this is what usually happens. People fall for the jar’s beauty. They forget that it is the creamy formulation that they will apply on the skin, not the jar!

According to experts, a good lotion for stretch marks is the one that reduces intensity of marks within weeks without producing any side effects. It works in line with the skin’s natural healing mechanism. It neither alters skin’s structure nor supplies any external elements. It simply boosts skin’s own collagen and elastin producing mechanism and hydrates the skin from the cellular level.

Wondering whether such cream exists? It does. Celtrixa is the name. It has received accolades for its amazing performance from experts and users. The cream contains a scientifically-advanced formula that focuses on treating marks from within to provide permanent results.

As long as you continue to use just any lotion for stretch marks, you are just blowing your money away. Your best investment would be to go for the very best cream in the first place, not searching and experimenting for years.


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