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Correct Way to Apply Stretch Mark Cream at the Affected Area

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Skin experts say that applying a good stretch mark cream at the affected area can amazingly reduce appearance of marks. Users who heeded experts’ advice are now a happy lot. Their stretch marks are hardly visible. Besides, their skin tone has become brighter.

Forget surgeons; get a cream

Due to the belief that creams don’t work, people desperately knock the doors of surgeons. These “masters of the scalpel” direct people to a world full of skin invasions, risks, complications, after care, pain, cumbersome sessions, and, of course, bundles of dollars.

If the mere mention of the surgical world scares you, imagine your situation under the surgeon’s piercing implements!

Don’t you think it is better to apply a stretch mark cream at the affected area than let a surgeon work on it? Besides, this saves you money, time, efforts, and also saves you from pain and recovery period.

Method of cream application

A cream for stretch marks is free from all such hassles. You only need to dab a little amount on the marked area after a shower. Massage it gently with your fingertip in circular motion till it vanishes from the surface. This means your skin has completely absorbed the cream.

Avoid dressing up immediately after applying the cream. Wait for a minute or two to let ingredients of the cream seep into your skin pores properly. It is important to apply the cream correctly and ensure that it is completely absorbed in the skin to get desired results.

That’s the reason skin experts emphasize on the method of applying the stretch mark cream at the affected area. No matter how good a cream is, if you fail to apply it in the approved manner, it won’t give results.


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